Contact Bethany Marten for all of your real estate consulting needs. Bethany has helped hundreds of buyers avoid very painful and costly mistakes over the years. She is a real estate and mortgage expert who also actively owns and manages multiple investment properties. Before you buy, sell or finance your next home call Bethany for a price quote on consulting services. The average cost per client is typically $350 and the average savings per client is priceless. Get on the fast track to real estate success now!

The following are real examples of clients who have hired Bethany as their real estate coach:

Alex S who needed to know if it was worth it to buy a fixxer upper in Baldwin in order to knock it down and build new construction: The short answer was "No, you would end up having a home that cost far more than a similar new construction home would cost in a town with a much better school district"

Chris P who already had an accepted offer on a FSBO (for sale by owner) and wanted to know if it was a good deal: The short answer was "No, other homes on the same block had sold recently for much less money"

Ralph who was offered a deal on the home he was renting from his landlord: The short answer was "Hire an attorney and sign a contract to purchase immediately because the home is being sold to you way under market value"

Nadia who was about to purchase a laundromat: The short answer was "At best you could hope to make $25,000 per year on this business by working at it full time"

Carol D who was contemplating the purchase of her first investment property: The short answer was "It's a very good deal since you will be making a positive cash flow of $400 per month on a $20,000 initial investment"

Jackie who needed to refinance due to a divorce and was thinking about a short term ARM: The short answer was "Go with at least a longer term ARM that is fixed for a minimum of 5 years"

Rose who wanted to refinance out of an adjustable rate mortgage immediately: The short answer was "Wait at least 1 more year because your teaser rate is still substantially lower than a fixed rate would be"

Remember good advice saves you money.

Bad advice costs you money and no advice costs you sleep and money.

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Bethany Marten as your personal real estate consultant and coach.

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